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Letters to Theophilus, part 10…..

We will continue to summarize the first chapter of Acts for today.

Jesus (His earthly name signifying His whole body) is taken up into the heaven and will come back the same way! (v.11)  This happened on Mt. Olivet, and the “Men of Galilee” return to Jerusalem, entering the upper room where they were staying – Peter, John, James, Andrew, Philip, Thomas, Bartholomew, Matthew, James of Alphaeus, Simon, the Zealot, and Judas, the son of James – and the women – and with the women, Mary, Jesus’ mother and His brothers.  All these “with one mind!”  120 names!  (Yes, the literal is “names!”  This thrills me.  He knows my name, called me by name – Oh, I am tempted to go off on a rabbit trail here.  Nope – not now.)  These names – all of one mind – are called “brethren” in v. 15 and 16. 

During these days of waiting, Peter preaches his first sermon – verses 16-22 – a most unusual one, I think.  It concerns Judas, “who became a guide to those who arrested Jesus” (NAS, v. 16b).  Would you have put it that way?  “A guide?”  Why did this happen?  “The scripture had to be fulfilled” (v.16a NAS).  Not only that, Peter says that the Holy Spirit foretold by the mouth of David something concerning Judas – all this in verse 16.

(Acts 1:16) `Men, brethren, it behoved this Writing that it be fulfilled that beforehand the Holy Spirit spake through the mouth of David, concerning Judas, who became guide to those who took Jesus, (Young’s)

We read on to learn that Judas received his part in the group of disciples that Peter calls “us,” by lot.  Reminds me of (Prov 16:33) ​​​​​​​​The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord.  (Acts 1:17) For he was numbered among us and was allotted his share in this ministry.” (ESV) 

Verses 18 and 19 form a parenthetical explanation of the “rest of the story” concerning Judas.

Then, verse 20 gets back to the quote from David in the Psalms concerning the vacancy left by Judas.  Peter puts together two different Psalms for his reasoning.

Ps 69:25 May their camp be desolate; May none dwell in their tents.(NAS) 

Ps 109:8 Let his days be few; Let another take his office.(NAS)

I love it when a New Testament author uses O. T. quotes to prove his point.  Paul’s are so numerous, that I think everything he wrote (2/3 of the N. T.) is nothing but O. T. quotes and paraphrases.  And, I want to “take note” of how these quotes are used for my own learning.  It helped me to read the whole 69th Psalm to get the context of this one sentence that is removed and put in Acts for us.  Do that now.  I will wait.  Until tomorrow…..Read Ps. 109 while you are at it….


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