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On July 18, 2001, My sister and I gave our mom an 83rd birthday party at my house.  Thirty women came!  Months before this event, I gave mom some questions to think about and answer because she was going to be the “star of her show.”   As I reviewed them just now, I wanted to share them with you.  Answer them for yourself – in case anyone ever wants to know.

“What I know now that I didn’t know then”

 “I wish I had…” 

   “I wish I hadn’t….”   

 “What the Lord did in spite of me…” 

 “What I know about the Lord that I didn’t know at 30…”  

 “The childish things I have left behind… 

“Some funny things that happened on the way to 83.”  

“The first person to tell me about God.”  

 “The first time I knew God was real.” 

 “My favorite verse as a child.”  …As a grownup…  

“The best, good things I remember about my father/mother…” 

  “An interesting experience I had in high school…” 

  “My best friend in high school was…”  

“The first time I drove a car….”  

 “My first real job…” 

 “My first boyfriend…”  

 “My funniest experience on a date…” 

“I know there is a God because…”  

 “When I die, I believe that…

 Also, included will be her “Memoirs” and heritage.  

I recorded her Mother, our Grandmother, when she was 93 as she told us of our heritage and what she thought was the most important invention in her life -–because everything we have today, except cell phones, was in her lifetime.      

  Oh, you want to know the most important to her? 



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