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Saw an article in the paper today…..

…..that reminded me of a “death of a pet” situation we had when Joy was just 5 years old.

When we lived on Sand Mountain, we lived “out in the country” with other neighbors, yet they were country neighbors – not so close.  We rented a very nice brick home on the road to the bootlegger’s house.  Honestly.  That fact was told me by a neighborly visit by a neighbor – just a passing remark – for her, not me!  But, we were all settled in, and she was our landlord’s mother.  A very real mountain – grown woman.

A fluffy puppy appeared at our house and Joy took to it immediately.  She went around to all the neighbors searching for the owner.  Alas – none!  Guess we will get to keep it.  She named it FluffyWuffy.  “F W” for short.  She was a very good keeper to “F W” and she (the dog) grew into the size of a shepherd-type, with reddish, blond, fluffy fur.  We all loved her and her antics.

Our neighbor – the landlord’s mother – had fightn’ chickens all about their house in those tent-shaped little prisons.  Their whole place was fenced.  This scene could be seen from the window in the master room’s bath.  One day, son, David, is blow-drying his hair gazing out the window as he finishes off his grooming.  Landlord’s mother appears on her back steps, loaded shotgun, aims, fires.  David sees “F W” hit the dust.  Dead.  He runs to where we are and announces with animation what he has seen.  We had heard the two shots ourselves.

Bob isn’t home from work, as yet, and my orders were for us to lie low!  We do all head for the bathroom window, however.  No “F W” to be seen.  “I saw her drop!  I know I did!” 

Hey, there’s a woman with a loaded gun out there and we are not searching for “F W.”

Bob gets home.

Heads right next door.  Knocks.  (“Oh, Father, we would very much like to have our daddy back – nice and whole!”)

The shooter comes to the door.

“My family says you shot our dog this morning.”

“Yes, what about it?”

“Well, could we at least have her body to bury?”

“I threw it into the woods back there.  Git it yourself!  She was attacking our chickens!”

Oh, boy, that woman better be glad it was Bob at her door.  The rest of us felt like attacking her for lying!

Bob and David head to the woods, find the fluffy, lifeless body and bring it home.

Joys asks what they are going to do with her.  “Gotta’ dig her grave.”

“Okay, I’ll go get the hymnals,” she says cheerily.

Enters the kitchen, “Where’s the hymn books, mom?  I want us to sing at “F W’s” funeral.”

“Uh, let me get them for you.”  I head out with the hymnals and whisper to the guys that Joy is really taking this well.  She had put her life and energy into taking care of this precious dog and seems quite happy to be making funeral arrangements.  Well, this is gong to be easier than I thought.

I take a look at the grave – dead dog, lying beside it.  Those guys had dug a dog-shaped grave!  Just “F W’s” size.  Cutouts, or I should say, dug-out, places for her legs.

 ” No use wasting energy digging out more than ya’ have to!” was the reply to my questioning look.

Grave’s ready.  Time to sing.  Whatcha’ want us to sing?

Amazing Grace.  ALL the verses.

Still chipper, singing is finished.  Bob says a little prayer.  Drops “F W” into the just-the-right-sized hole.

Joy:  “What’s next, daddy?”

Bob answers, as he is shoveling in the first of the dirt, “Well, we got to cover her up.”


Peaceful, peppy scene is OVER.  Crying fit.  Stomping feet!  “You can’t cover her up!!”

“But, she will rot – and stink.”

“I don’t care.  Just don’t cover her up!”

Not a pretty scene any more.  We try to explain – to no avail.  The poor child thought she could still have her dog to look at and was happy with the thought.  Reality was a hit she didn’t see coming.  Neither did we!

The article in the paper was well written with all the book learning one could muster; however, I am sure the writer had never had children!  Pets, maybe.  But, not children.  They write their own books as they grow!


July 14, 2010 - Posted by | About, Newsy News & Random Thoughts

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  1. Amen, Sister! I saw it all, and that was the way it was!!

    I love you, Mayre!


    Comment by Bob Patterson | July 14, 2010 | Reply

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