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—high school, cousins, sister, husband, ——  and, some people have Facebook with thousands of “friends.”  I am not on Facebook. So – I will be attempting, in the near future – hopefully – to post more personal photos and videos on this blog.  Won’t be easy.  But, my brain needs this kind of workout.  I only use the free WordPress templates.  My choices are limited, but adequate – I think.

However, I have a new techie thing a-going.  A new lap top.  I began setting it up last night and may stay in my pjs all day to finish the initial setups of my Bible study programs.  It downloads FAST!  It isn’t all I wanted for a laptop, but fits the budget and the “need” to sit in den with Bob, open our Bible study programs and have our own study.  After all….”where two, or three, are gathered, the Lord is in our midst..”  We were studying at opposite ends of the house and when we wanted to discuss, I didn’t have Bible study tools of my own to consult.  That is not a problem in the great majority of households!  Wish it were.

And, you know how that when you bring a new item into the house with all its packing, things get cluttered.  I had to rearrange our radio and CD player and clean off my side table in the den, plus the wires for wireless are still a tangled mess.  (BTW – on our CD player is loaded with Jan Karon’s “At Home in Mitford” for lunch-time listening.  I LOVE audio books for relaxing.  Hoping for a few more rainy days, too.  They seem to give me “permission” to read or listen.)

Didn’t get around to yesterday’s paper – you will be glad.

Bob heads to the doctor today to review blood test results.  Needs his ears washed out, if you ask me.  He hasn’t heard half of what I have said for weeks and weeks and he is singing off-key.  I asked my sister Saturday night when do men come back from Egypt.  Mine loves that denial river over there!   But, it does seem to me that not hearing yourself think straight – or sing straight – would be motivation to – oops! he may not even be able to hear that.  Yikes!  Not hearing my thoughts, lately, would be a good thing, however!  🙂

July 12, 2010 - Posted by | About, Newsy News & Random Thoughts

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