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I found where I put my gma’s 45 records….

After mom died, my sister and I had the last few boxes to sort that our mom had kept until the very end.  People tend to keep – at least in my family – the sentimental stuff and let the next generation sort it.  After mother died in May, 2004, we sorted the “stuff” into two separate boxes and I brought mine home and dumped it into two bottom drawers of a dresser in our bedroom.  And, guess where I am sorting and decluttering this morning!  Old photos – 1941 at Yellowstone National Park, 1973 of my dad standing on a rock observing a lighthouse in the distance, a photo of me, probably an early teenager and lots more – my baby picture in my highschool paper when I was “Girl of the Month.”

And – my grandmother’s 45 recordings of the hymns she wrote and were recorded in Nashville. 

It was a weepy morning – and, kids – I just put it all back into those two bottom drawers.  Ya’ll can sort them later – or rather soon.  Who knows.


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