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“Thinkin’ Out Loud” column from March, 2001….

Not only have I been thinkin’ out loud, I’ve been crying out loud.  Ever do that?  Come on now, fess up!  Sometimes a good ole cry does a feller good.  I have been known to “schedule” my crying.  Yep – just tell Bob that at 6 p.m. I will be closing the bedroom door and crying.  I’d been saving up all day because it wasn’t “proper” to cry at other times – with people, had to do needed chores, etc. – so, I’d promised myself a good cry at 6:00.  I tell him that he hasn’t done anything, assuring him this isn’t personal to him, just my soul needs cleansing.  Some things are just sad.  Every person is out of my control.  I’ve never changed anyone in my whole life – except myself.  And I must carry out the necessary chores of the day with dignity – but, at 6, I’m gonna’ cry.

  Have you ever noticed that when someone close to you is motivated and acts on his feelings, you “react” with your own feelings – then, he reacts to your feelings about his feelings – and so on!  The “ripple effect” of just one person acting on his feelings is astounding. Its effect multiples, hurting and separating many people, not just himself.  His decision changes the lives of MANY.  We do not make decisions in isolation – especially decisions derived from our feelings.

Feelings usually come from the soul (I’ve heard some use the term, “the heart”) – selfish, self-absorbed, self-defending.  How then can we make wise decisions?  Must we ignore our feelings?   How is it we can become “God-absorbed” – focused on Him, instead of ourselves?

I have some basic premises that you need to know at this point:  God feels!  He is angry every day, He is jealous, He is sorrowful, He pities.  Our Lord wept, was angry with the moneychangers at the temple, had compassion on those he healed, etc. But, God’s feelings emanate from His wisdom, foreknowledge, pre-determined will and choosing – His Perfectness, if you please.

I heard you!  We are not perfect – but – we, as Christians, are to be in the process of “perfecting.”  We can have the mind of Christ!  And that’s where proper feelings must originate.  When we know what and how God thinks about a matter, then we can have His feelings about the matter also.  We can make wise, Godly decisions from our predetermined choice to please Him, letting Him know our feelings, asking for comfort, guidance; but always reaffirming our desire to be obedient to His will and Word.

Is this easy?  Depends on how much disciplining we need.  Much of our suffering is just because we make it so.  You know, like breaking the self-will of your child, training her to be obedient, for her own good and the good of the family.  The child who suffers the most in this process is the one who refuses to let go of her self-determination and trust the parent who knows best.  Child training is grievous!  But the “peaceable fruit of righteousness” should be motivation enough!  See Hebrews 12:11.

Another basic premise – and you won’t like this one!  Our feelings are our OWN.  No one makes us feel one way or another! We choose our own feelings!  I’m adamant about this. You must “own” your own feelings.  Do not blame anyone but yourself. Check out Psalm 142.  David is pouring out his complaint, his spirit is overwhelmed, he looks for a man to care for his soul, and he is crying unto the Lord – not blaming Saul for making him feel this way.  David is in the cave because of Saul, but his feelings are his own – and he takes them to the Lord.  Another Psalm to check out for feelings is one from Asaph.  Psalm 73. (Moses is an excellent example, too.)

  One more: It is possible to have peaceful feelings when being disobedient to God’s revealed Word.

Nope – another one: Feelings originate from thoughts – our belief system.  Usually the first thing you feel is the feeling!  Panic, anger, and such like appear immediately and you don’t think about what you’re thinking! You begin feeling. But give it a few minutes – or more – and you will be able to discern the thoughts that produced the feeling.

 A silly example: I’m photographing a bear.  Through the lens I see that the bear is moving – moving toward me!  I do not consult my belief system that bears are big and dangerous – not consciously – no, I make a run for it and fall over Bob trying to get back into the car!

UNBELIEFS  – LAST ONE!  I’ll call this one “Faulty Beliefs” – wrong beliefs or “unbeliefs” that hinder clean, clear feelings from our spirit:

  1. I believe God is not good.  He cannot know what I really need, won’t supply it.  I must get my own “needs” met.1
  2. I don’t like God’s time schedule.  I must control every person in my “world.”2
  3. I refuse to learn truth and “think on these things.”3
  4. I refuse to “work out my own salvation.”  I don’t know the difference between “salvation of my soul” and salvation of my spirit.4
  5. I believe God is not good.  Has no plan for my life.  I must plan my own.5
  6. I don’t know the order of the “battle in the heavenlies.”  I think the other person is the enemy.6
  7. I don’t know what time it is – God’s timetable of the six days of creation and rest on the Seventh Day – sometimes called “God’s Plan of the Ages.”7
  8. I am willingly ignorant!  I am not willing to make the time or use the effort to learn facts that I can live by faith, the knowledge that produces understanding, and the wisdom to discern how to live the facts – which produces Godly feelings!  I am childish and carnal.8
  9. I have a “form of godliness” but have no clue as to the grace (power) to be strong in weakness.9
  10. I refuse to be content with what I have. 10  

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