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10 Years ago, in March, I wrote:


Wanna’ hear about Bob’s and my stupid wreck?

(I really want to call it an “ignorant” wreck since “stupid is forever, but ignorance can be fixed.” In our case, I think it’s both! Wait until you hear!)

We had free tickets to the Tivoli for a symphony concert – a $58 value! A nice Saturday evening, we were looking for a parking space downtown. Very short supply. We are in FAR left-hand lane of Broad St. when I spy a parking space on the right corner of Sixth. Being first in line at the red light, Bob asks permission of the car on our right to cut across in front of him when the light changes. It’s okay with them. Light changes. They wait. Bob turns right. –

Did you know that there are THREE lanes on Broad? Neither did we. (That’s the ignorance part. – NOW we know!)

Three clean-cut young men just minding their own business on Sat. night at 7:34 p.m., in a nice Mustang – had green light, on the way to relatives to have dinner, whammed into us.

(The stupid part of this is sinking in, right?)

Four police cars immediately upon scene, blue lights everywhere. Checking to see if everyone is all right – physically, yep! Mentally is up for grabs!

We “enjoyed” the respectful young men, the nice policeman who told the others he could handle us, and the fine cool, clear evening weather. Bob handed our tickets to a surprised young couple strolling by who enjoyed our seats at the concert. A towing company enjoyed our $85 towing fee. The repairman will enjoy the $2,1000 estimate. We’ve enjoyed a few good laughs – because we recognize the Lord’s mercies – because we have more knowledge of Broad Street – because cars can be fixed.

Now if we could just fix being stupid!


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