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The “Co-Co-Nutty” Girls will meet today…..

A friend and I have gone “nuts” over my sister’s coconut cake.  She brought it to our extended family Christmas party and we haven’t let her forget we wanted the recipe.  So, today is the day!! 

My sister, being a former school teacher with a salary, is still a school teacher – no salary.  We will be attending her coconut cake-baking class today at noon.  We have our orders.  My neighbor/friend gets off easy this time.  Just bring a container for taking home her share of the cake.  Well, here’s the copy of my sister’s email:

Okay, you girls. What have you got “cooked up” for me. LOL. Sounds like fun. This is what I think would work best – whenever this happens. Donna, you show up with a yellow cake mix cake already made in a 13 X 9 pan. I usually use Betty Crocker yellow cake mix with pudding.  However, if something else is on sale I buy it. Also, I like the ones that use real butter.  I think I used the Betty Crocker pudding one Christmas. Mary or Donna – you girls decide – will need granulated sugar, white Karo syrup, a little milk, small package of Baker’s moist coconut, – I think it is about 7 or 8 ounces – and 3 eggs. Mary I will need a hand mixer and stove burner for working. I’ll bring my double boiler and the pronged fork.

This “ain’t” the way we are doing it.  We are rebellious students.  But, Martha better bring her double boiler because I don’t have one.  I am baking the cake and have gathered the rest of the ingredients.  I tell you sumptin’ – this beats buying one at the bakery!!  And, “it’s the icing that takes the cake!” 

To go along with cake, I am making home-made spaghetti and home-made bread machine bread.  I put all dry ingredients in a plastic bag, so all I have to do today is add butter, buttermilk, and yeast.  I have five made up this way and got this idea from my daughter-in-love’s mother at Christmas – or Thanksgiving.


I left the doctor’s yesterday not seeing him/her.  When we got there, the office smelled like months old cigarette smoke.  The carpet was dirty, too, and I immediately got a bad headache.  I filled out my papers and went for a walk in the hallway.  I don’t know if other patients had the smell on themselves, the employees smoke, or smell embedded into the carpet; but, Bob went in and rescheduled for me.  I probably will not go – or I could go and see if the smell is still there.  However, the office did not seem efficient.  It could have been a bad day, or was it?


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