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another headache report….

I wanted to put “headache report, #_”, but too lazy to go back over all my blogs to count them.

Six sessions of physical thearpy, so far.  Moist heat, electrical stimulation, neck traction, shoulder-strengthing exercises, and home assignments.

Still have headaches.  One, this week, was emergency-room painful.  Didn’t go, of course. 

Must realize that source of headaches unknown; however, the neck and shoulder therapy is helpful for specific neck pain and arthritis and protruding disk.  I still am not driving, but hopeful to begin again.  Will probably wait until better weather to try out my new neck.

On another note:  In this retirement mode, we still have trouble knowing what day it is.  Having appointments helps, but last night we did not have pizza and it was Friday.  So, as we went to sleep, we reminded ourselves out loud that when we woke it would be Saturday.  The brain is used to pizza on Friday.  Reprogramming.

To my three rules that I posted back in – oh, maybe November – I have added that I am boss of the kitchen.  I am bossy!  Bob has been stuck in the house because of the weather, so he proceeds to “help” me in my territory.  God made me the “helpmeet” and you cannot have two “helpmeets” – somebody has to be the boss.

 He just about has that kitchen rule about wringing out the dish rag completely before wiping the counter.  I will have to search the frig for leftovers that are not in their assigned places.  Beside this, Bob cannot find a thing in the frig, even when told exactly what shelf and side it will be.  So – there could be coming a new rule that he puts away everything in the frig so that he can find it without leaving the doors open until they beep, asking to be closed.

I kinda know how it feels.  When I go out to his “cave,” – the out building for his “stuff” – I cannot find a thing.  But, we don’t live out there.  Bless his heart.  (I am giggling.)

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