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Wednesday was doctor day at –oops, is it “Sports Medicine,” on McCallie?  I may have mentioned my doctor’s name in an earlier blog, but I do not want to here because I’m gonna’ tell it like it is – was. 

I had picked up a copy of my MRI from Memorial of my brain arteries, cervical vertebrae, and “circle of Willis.”  I had picked up a copy of my x-rays of whole vertebra from a chiropractor I had last March.  I had a copy of the MRI printouts, as well as my blood test results and sleeping oxygen levels.  I had printed from my home computer my meds and supplements and a list of all my surgeries, along with personal medical history of my dad, mom, and sister.  I was prepared!

Upon entering the very busy well-organized front desk, I was given 4 pages, front and back, of symptoms of every kind to assess.  I was asked about my mind, soul, and physical strength.  I drew my pain on a silhouette of a body in the correct code for sharp, numb, or throbbing pain.  I accurately assessed my limitations on my home life and social life.  I had never filled out more detailed lists of why I was there in any doctor’s office – ever.  I was favorably impressed.

I was called back by a friendly, capable girl whom favorably impressed me as experienced.

Doctor arrives, nurse following.  She begins the MRI DVD and the doctor asks my reason for being there.  My neck, and headaches.  Puts x-rays on light box, inspects.  Nothing out of order, really, for someone my age.  Arthritis.  Glances at MRI.  “Turn your head to the left.”  “Turn your head to the right.”  “Look up.  Does that hurt?” 

“Not this moment, but sometimes I feel as if I am being choked and this C-3,4, and 5 are so sore…..”

“You didn’t answer my question.  Did that hurt?”

“No.”  “I have very severe headaches, is there any chance my neck is involved?”

“Probably not.”  “I will order physical therapy and you can see my assistant, Katie, in three weeks.”

He did not even glance at my 8 pages of work, nor did he ever touch me or my neck.  I know that I am a whole person, but he did not.  I did not time this episode, but my husband was with me and both of us do not in our wildest imagination believe it was even 5 minutes long.  As he reached for the door knob to leave, I said, “Well, hurry on to the next person.”  Later, I realized that he was hurrying on to the next room.  I cannot call it an examining room.

I was such a baby!  I wanted to run over to Dr. Cannon’s and tell on him   He would have had an idea what to do for me.  I did not know that I would miss him so much.  A whole era of physician care died with him.

BUT, I know to Whom I really belong!  I know that HE knows more than 8 pages about me, too!  HE wove me together in my mother’s womb – including that spine structure, now with arthritis.  HE will not fail as my Great Physician.

And, HE has abated my worst headaches this week.  I have not had one for 6 days in a row in months and I do so Thank HIM!


What’s a “Circle of Willis?”  Reckon you got one?  Yep, reckon you do.

“A roughly circular anastomosis that is located at the base of the brain and formed by the anterior communicating artery, the two anterior cerebral, the two internal carotid, the two posterior communicating, and the two posterior cerebral arteries.”

Got that?

This better?   “A ring of arteries at the base of the cerebrum.”


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