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I Just Gotta’ Get Out More….or Less!

It’s Official!  We are a retired couple – and – I went into entertainment mode – not a full-fledged one, but they didn’t know that at the Retirement Luncheon.

  (Every time I type “retired,” I think of “retread” – like the tires.  Also, is “retired” getting tired all over again?)

Lunch was a loving tribute to my husband.  The owners and staff thoughtfully put together kind and gracious words and we got a little earthly peek at what a “well done, thou good and faithful servant” might be like in the future.  Be assured that a “well done” is highly desirable! 

Retirees sometimes need to reread their previous words and I copied some of a November blog:

For years, Bob and I have called where we live our vacation home!  It is most certainly temporary.  It has everything we enjoy doing/seeing on its three lots.  It contains our hobbies.  It contains comfortable beds.  It is a comfortable lifestyle and it contains memories.  When we hear anyone else say, “Oh, we just have to get away from it all,” we wonder what the “all” is.  Sometimes I would like to get away from the dust bunnies and cobwebs, but I really feel better when we just clean them up.  Lately I have been guilty of being overwhelmed with the condition of the house and yard because of the ceiling fallings and my illnesses; but, ya’ know – all this has been the Lord’s way to say, “I’ll let you have your husband here – for a while.  Be a helper to him.”  “But, Lord, my help is mostly limited to making lists of what’s bothering me the most and ’supervising.’”

“That’s fine.  Just don’t fuss at him.  He needs rest for his body and mind.”

“Yes Sir.  I know You will let me know when I have gone from “helpmate” to “bothermate.” 

“And, thank you very much that this long-deferred hope to be together may come to fruition.  I believe.  Help Thou my unbelief.”

Folks – “unbelief” is now “belief” because of sight.

  After the luncheon, since I needed some Clinque, we headed for the mall.  I usually just “shop like a man” at the mall.  Know what I am going after.  Know where it is.  Park at that entrance.  Go get it.  Leave the way I came.  But, we “had the time” to take a stroll around the mall.  It’s Monday – not crowded.  I get lost, as usual – they needed me to help design the thing.   Upstairs is entirely different from the downstairs.  How’d they do that!  I thought Bob would tell me if I went off course, but he was enjoying his usual laid-back ways.  I just wanted to get back to the van, feet numb and burning.  Besides I did not need another Vera Bradly purse/tote, or any thing else – then, BOTH of us in this “laid-back” mode- a young man drew me over to his kiosk.

  Bob follows.

  We get salt from the Dead Sea put into our hands.  We scrub our hands together as instructed.  Water poured over the “bucket” (that’s what he called a plastic bowl) to rinse.  Dead skin gone with Dead Sea salt.  Amazing!  Naw! what was amazing was that my feet felt better, too!  Anyway, young man says that this jar will last one of us 6 months but that we need a special cream to put on after exfoliation.  He puts another jar into my arms – and Bob’s.  We are holding two beautiful jars each, each worth (to him – the clerk) $60 each.  Let’s see, 4 x $60.  Nope – didn’t feel that good! 

 “I tell you what.  I  give  good price.  Let me ask supervisor…………….yes, half price!”  (We later learn that one doesn’t have to put all the necessary jots and tittles into a word or sentence.  That is second-grade stuff and when one is grown up, everybody knows what goes there so no need to use it.)

This story goes on………and I sense you are about to shut down; but this guy is from Israel.  Been here in Chattanooga one month.  Name is Eli, which he pronounces, “Ellie.”  Bob comes to life!  He had Hebrew in seminary and an interesting conversation ensues.  Now I am laid back; but, I have said something about studying the Bible and Eli looks at me and says, “I hope you do not think we are the chosen people.”  “Oh, I KNOW you are.”

We walk away with one jar of Sea Salt – $60.  One jar of cream – free.

I have no idea what went down; but, I know my feet felt better after the rest.  Now, Bob, find me the way out!!  I just wanna’ go home – and stay there!


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