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Overwhelmed by yesterday’s blog?  Wonder how many said “I don’t have time for all that!”?

 I’d better warn you, here comes my favorite comeback about time:

 Time is the only commodity of which we all have the same amount.  That’s easy to understand, so you do not need a lecture about what we have that is not the same amount.  Everything else! 

 Remember the parable of our Lord’s about giving each of the ten servants one mina?  The command was, “Do business with this until I come back.” (NASB)  This is in Luke 19, but what I want you to grasp and take seriously is that all “business” was to be done in the servants’ own time with the same amount of money – while waiting for the Kingdom of God to appear. (See v. 11.)  They even had differing amounts of profit, but they all had the time for making a profit.

 ALL of these servants were the Master’s.  ALL had been given “a mina” that belonged to the Master.  (Read that again, if you need to.  Better, read Luke 19:11-27.)

 ALL had been commanded to trade.

 ALL knew the purpose of their Master’s absence was to receive a kingdom for himself.

 ALL assembled for judgment. ALL knew that a profit on their Master’s investment would procure a place of rulership in their Master’s kingdom.

 ALL knew Who was to rule over them because verse 27 tells us that the servants who did not want the Master to rule over them were His enemies.  (And, “yes,” to you good students, I did not include the rest of that verse; but let me tell you that our Lord means what He says!)

The time we all have alike is 24 hours a day/night – not the same amount of life time.  We had best use time as a commodity.  We already do, really.  We save it, invest it, use it up, lose it, run out of it, waste it, and make it.  “Money” fits into all those descriptions and I am sure there are lots more.

 To tell ya’ll the truth, I feel I am a terrible failure at being a profitable time-consumer.   I am entreating the Lord that I may redeem the time He has allotted me and I know that the word, “redeem” means to “pay a price.”  The phrase I am referring to is Ephesians 5:16.  The greatest context for this verse is the whole Word of God!  I will paste the immediate context:

 Eph 5:15-16 –  Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise,

making the most of your time, because the days are evil. (NASB)

Being wise – that’s what it boils down to, doesn’t it? 

I had a woman tell me at our extended Christmas party that my husband’s retirement would affect me more than any other happenstance in our marriage.  Now, I remember what child birth meant – no sleep, among a host of other things – and I wondered all that she meant.  I have already experienced change in my chore times.  It is  4:08 p.m. the afternoon before I will post this blog, and the clothes dryer is going and awaits another load to dry.  At 2:00 p.m. today, I put in tomorrow’s lunch with my sister into the crock pot – which I used to do the day before or the morning of.

I used to be through with my daily chores by 8:00 in the morning, after two hours of alone, study time – even during the school-children era.  I already knew what would be for supper in my mind, even if I hadn’t written it down.  I had the house divided into “territories” for cleaning – i.e. Mondays: den, porch, and bathrooms.  Tuesdays: kitchen and little dining room.  Etc.

I am rethinking and redoing and debunking my former life of time.  I must include migraines and other pains into the mix – but I cannot “schedule” them!  But, I have never gone before my Lord and asked for guidance with what He has given me and not received His instructions, His mercy, and His grace.  I really need HIM!  He put in my heart as a little girl the desire to please Him, and I do so want to take Him up on it!


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