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Migraines Have No Respect….

Migraines have no respect to establishing a new lifestyle.  They not only demand control of my head, my whole body must bow in servitude.  I have tried to explain that I am too old to begin migraines.  No response – uh, favorable response.

When I think of “pain,” I think of my mom.  She wore one or two types of pain patches and took hard medications and still would cry with pain.  I have covered her with her favorite afghan in her “electric” chair (with a back-up battery for power outages) and she looked at me with wrinkled brow and a pretended brave face and said, “Oh, my feet hurt so bad!”  Daddy was her massage therapist.  I have seen him get a pail with hot soapy water and massage her feet with tender care.  I never knew him to get tired or grumpy – never.  He had a servant’s heart.  His name, George, means “husbandman” and he tenderly cared for his female flock.  Even the dog and cats were female and his mother-in-law lived with us.  He died in October, 1988.  She went on to live until 2004 without him, and her pain never lessened.  I never volunteered my Bob for her foot pain.  Her skin was so thin, that I thought massaging would tear it.  But, now, I have painful feet….and I wonder if he could have helped her.  He helps me.   

There are times – most times – that I make myself go on……but, sometimes, I have to shut down and wait.  During these times I try to remind myself that it is not always this bad.  And, I most certainly ask my Lord that I endure, full of faith, this trial.

But, I can still see that plea on my mother’s face……”Help me”….and I didn’t know how.


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