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I am already giggling at myself and wondering what you are thinking, so I will be up front and tell you that I do not like Christmas.  I LOVE family gatherings.  I LOVE eating.  I like getting presents.  ALL YEAR LONG – spread out evenly. 

 I do not decorate for Christmas unless it is something I adore and makes me smile, and if it does that, then it deserves to be out all year-long!

Of course we have decorated in the past.  We have cut out a rather large tree shape on green poster board and decorated with Apple Jacks and Cheerios, and other home-made items.  We have had artificial trees that Bob just put back in the box all decorated and we pulled it out the next year.  We even had a real tree a time or two.  Hated putting on the lights, though.

I have never been fond of Christmas.  Perhaps it was because it came to be, “Let’s see what’s wrong with Mary’s Santa gifts this year.”  One year I got the very doll I wanted.  She was beautiful, much like the American Girl dolls today, but one leg was shorter by two or more inches than the other one!  Another time, I got my first “transistor” radio – with nothing inside!  Just the shell!  (I am laughing so hard, I can hardly type.)  My sister always – read that “ALWAYS” – got the perfect doll and radio.  I knew, without a doubt, that Santa did not love me and knew me as “bad.”

But, I have had two, maybe three Christmases that I liked.

Remember that little 4-room house in W. VA I told you about?  I came up with the idea to have “Christmas” on Thanksgiving.  Yep – the gift-giving, Santa-giving would take place on Thanksgiving.  And, on that day we would put up a live tree – unwired – and make nothing but hand-made ornaments every evening until Christmas Eve as we talked about the Biblical reasons for our Lord’s birth.

So – I gotta back track here a second. 

 So – the way we celebrated Halloween was to give the kids a Sears and Roebuck catalog and tell them to circle $50 worth of toys they wanted.  This was extremely fun to me.  They circled, added, subtracted and attempted multiplication.  Pages were dog-eared, messy, and torn.

What happens next was totally unanticipated.  Why, I do not know.  What I mean is – as a mom, how did I miss what the children did next.

They bragged that they were going to get their toys early.  They bragged at school.  In the neighborhood.  At church, where their father was pastor.

Then came the phone calls and knocks on our door. 

 “Are you really going to celebrate Christmas on Thanksgiving?”  “Are your children going to get toys early?”  “How can you change Christmas!?”  “What are we to do?  Our children are jealous!”

And, Thanksgiving Day, our children were out in the yard and neighborhood showing off their stuff.

And, every evening we sat in the floor stringing popcorn, berries for garland and cutting snow flakes out of folded paper.  We had the time and quiet to talk about our thankfulness for God’s Son.

Christmas morning there were some presents under the tree.  Underclothes.  Blue jeans.  Socks.  New combs and toothbrushes.

But this had disturbed the town and our church so much that we never did it again.


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