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The day after our wedding, my mom and dad met us in North Carolina with our packed U-Haul trailer attached to the car they were giving us – a pink and white ’56 Plymouth that had been my dad’s mom’s.   We had left the church after the reception in their dangerous Corvair, hoping to fox off the usual decorating of the “get-away” car.  Didn’t work.

Earlier in the summer, before our wedding, mom and dad had taken us to Wake Forest and Raleigh, North Carolina to look for me a job and an apartment close to the seminary Bob would attend.  I secured a job at a wholesale drug company as a bookkeeper clerk and we rented a one-room efficiency over a doctor’s office in Wake Forest.

So – one day after our August 25th, 1962 ceremony, we were pulling all we owned (had been given, actually) into Wake Forest, N. C.  I had that one week to settle into this tiny space before I would begin my job.  I’m pretty sure that Bob had to begin classes that week.  This was our “honeymoon.”  (That reminds me, I need to do some research on that word.  Where, in the world, does “honeymoon” come from – or perhaps I should just leave it alone.)

Bob’s dad had fixed us a tiny, used black and white television (a few months later, we bought a piece of cellophane that was blue on top, brown in middle and green on bottom, stuck it to the screen and watched Bonanza in full “color!”) and we put it at the foot of the bed on my vanity stool.  There was a “kitchen” unit on one wall – tiny sink, 2 burners, oven, and a cabinet.  Oh, and a little frig.  It’s 1962 folks, no dishwasher, no microwave.  We had mom and dad’s old bedroom suit and a table that would seat the two of us.  With our bed pushed against a wall, we had plenty of floor space, and, we were rich, cozy and happy.

Now, here’s the thing – we had not dated but one time.  Bob had no car.  We met at Carson-Newman; but when I thought Bob didn’t want me around any more because he avoided the sidewalks where we usually met, I enrolled the second semester at UTC and came home.  That summer I received a letter from him that began, “Have I learned too late of my love for you?”  It also contained one of his poems written for me.  We wrote almost daily and married in August.  (Note to our kids:  Keep looking.  I know we have kept them; but I have no idea where.  After 22 moves, your guess is as good as mine.) 

In other words, there was a whole lot to learn about this fellow!

I learned he liked to watch wrestling on T. V.  Yikes!  I had hardly watched T. V. and never considered watching such!

I learned that he got wholly involved in their movements on the screen.  He leaned.  He squirmed.  He grimaced.  He twisted.


He fell off the bed.

I’m still laughing.  He never did.

Same, with football games.  He ran every play, pushed his way out of a tackle, and “ran” like crazy.  He knew every play the coaches should have called and the referees always hated his team.

I LOVED this guy!

But, we can’t stay in an upstairs apartment (room) forever.  It’s time to welcome – or NOT – some kids into this learning school of marriage.  Poor things!  🙂

P.S.  I need to tell you this because you would never know it otherwise; but, I began thinking about the “wrestling” because of 1 Timothy 6:12:  “Fight the good fight of the faith; take hold of the life in the coming age to which you were called…”



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