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Headaches Update…………..

This is an email that I sent out to family yesterday:

Cause of headaches is very difficult, but I am on the right track.  MRI on Monday, blood taken in office with a “rush” on sed rate, which tells amount of inflammation in body.  My headaches could be a result of the septic blood poisoning I had with my kidney stone episode.  Infection could be in brain.

 The above are the most serious things – like tumor, aneurysms, or stroke.  MRI will reveal those.

 Then, the possibility of sleep apnea.  So, I will be wearing a special glove to bed one night that will record my oxygen levels during sleep.  A person will call me to set this up.  Then, if positive, I will have a complete sleep study done.

 At this point, the doctor (and I) think that all these tests will be negative and the hunt will begin.  Allergies.  He gave me some lists of offending foods and chemicals that are common to cause headaches so that I could begin this process of elimination.  I refused medication.  I know that is strange, but I have so many things going on that I do not want side affects to add to the problems.


The retired lifestyle is attempting to take shape in new routines.  Right now it is just a glob of doctor appointments and errands.  Bible study and prayers are not being neglected, however!  I have blogged in my mind many times. 

Friends of Bob have been calling him and he is delighted to be invited back today to a retirement luncheon for a co-worker.  Southern Champion Tray keeps retirees informed of happenings and he is also on their prayer-list notifications. 

I thrive in routines; but, with Bob’s help and encouragement that these things, too, shall pass, I am thriving anyway!

I can’t wait to tell you about Habakkuk.  Just three chapters.  Go read it!  You will think Habakkuk is reading today’s news to the Lord and asking Him, “Why?”


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