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The “When/Thens” and This/Thats………

Whew……..We have the “when/thens” very badly.  Bob has never allowed us to have the “what-ifs.”  It does come up from time to time, but he quickly nips it in the bud, and I appreciate that.  And, we have been very careful not to have “hopes” in this world/age for many years, now.

Well……..let me back up – we did have the when/thens some years back.  When we have an empty nest, then we will not have to close the bathroom door.

But, we never have had the when/thens like this.  We have had so many “When I/you retire” – thens – that we figure we have gone past the two-year mark to about five years hence.  I have been saying that I get the first two years for chore and project makeups; then Bob can have the years after that.  But, driving home last night from delivering our GRANDdaughter to the Choo Choo, we brainstormed again and finally came up with the 5-year projection.  This is great fun until……..we circle back to reality that life has happened TO us; we have not been allowed to dream plan.  The Lord has interrupted our lives and plans many, many times; perhaps every time WE planned – and our plans would seem pleasing to Him.  But, we have needed a very long chastisement, chastening – child-training period.  Need still more!

Yet, the Lord has allowed us to run with the “when/thens” for a while and possibly we will:

When you retire, then I will have a personal chauffeur to the doctor or shopping.

When I retire, then I can visit our church family.

When you retire, then we can sit at leisure on some rainy mornings and talk.

When I retire, then I will plant more blueberry bushes in the “lower 40.”

When you retire, then you can caulk around the bathtub.

When I retire, then I can plant a garden that I can take care of as needed.

………………………………….please note that the above dreams do not include traveling.  That will bring me to the “That/This.”………………………………………

For years, Bob and I have called where we live our vacation home!  It is most certainly temporary.  It has everything we enjoy doing/seeing on its three lots.  It contains our hobbies.  It contains comfortable beds.  It is a comfortable lifestyle and it contains memories.  When we hear anyone else say, “Oh, we just have to get away from it all,” we wonder what the “all” is.  Sometimes I would like to get away from the dust bunnies and cobwebs, but I really feel better when we just clean them up.  We have had this saying when we finish a cleaning project – “Wow, the house is saying, ‘thank you.'”  We say, “You’re welcome.”

Lately I have been guilty of being overwhelmed with the condition of the house and yard because of the ceiling fallings and my illnesses; but, ya’ know – all this has been the Lord’s way to say, “I’ll let you have your husband here – for a while.  Be a helper to him.”

“But, Lord, my help is mostly limited to making lists of what’s bothering me the most and ‘supervising.'”

“That’s fine.  Just don’t fuss at him.  He needs rest for his body and mind.”

“Yes Sir.  I know You will let me know when I have gone from “helpmate” to “bothermate.” 

“And, thank you very much that this long-deferred hope to be together may come to fruition.  I believe.  Help Thou my unbelief.”


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