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…a Bible student's notes…

Trust in the Lord, Mary, with ALL your heart……..

……..because there is always something you do not know about your headaches.

I had had some time off from the worst of the headaches for a couple of days so  that by the time  Wednesday afternoon came with my appointment with Dr. Peter Hunt, I told my husband that it was a day that I would not call a doctor or feel that I needed to see one.  Neither card I needed for Medicare, Part B or the one for supplemental insurance had come.  I had even called the doctor’s office to tell them I only had a policy number as proof (thinking they would cancel) but I was told to come on in, that was enough.

My sister arrives to pick me up.  (Isn’t that a humorous expression!  No way she could pick me up.)  I told her to go back with me with every procedure and pray that I do not go into “entertainment mode.”  I have had strangers and friends say “Well, you do not act sick.”  (I have also had people say, “You don’t act your age!”)   I am better at entertaining than acting.  I love humor; and I did say in the examining room – to the doctor – that I used the plural for my headaches because they were legion and might have gone on to say that I would love to see herds of pigs drowning themselves; but, alas, I looked at my sister who had her head bowed and shut up.  The blank, business look on the doctor’s face helped, too.

I loved Dr. Hunt and wanted to be his patient so badly!  He was thorough, helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and put me at ease to talk with him.  But – I did not bring enough symptoms and years of medicines that were not working for me.  He is a surgeon and couldn’t even find a deviated septum.  My eardrums were in excellent condition.  My hearing was average and above average for my age.  He could order a CAT scan which would mean exposure to radiation and he could see no symptoms to warrant one.  If he were my GP, he would order an MRI.  (I spared him my long-winded explanation that two had already been ordered and declined by my previous insurance.)

I enjoyed the doctor and his staff!  I always judge a doctor experience by observing the staff.  These enjoyed being there, joking with each other, but with professionalism.

I enjoyed being with my sister.  She “carried” me home and we picked up Bob and I enjoyed eating with them at Chick-fil-A.

Next day – Joy’s birthday and “Martha comes to lunch day.”  We made it a birthday party at Sugar Ribs overlooking the city of Chattanooga.  (Headaches remained but did not pass the boundary of my enjoyment of my family.)

They made up for it on Friday!  And, I melted down with tears.  I get used to being almost “normal” and even “forget” how vicious they can be.  But, I want to thank the Lord that we do not forget each other.  His fellowship is so sweet and pure.  His love is merciful.  His strength is full of grace.  I accept every thing from His hands.  I am thankful for the prayers offered daily on my behalf.  I am thankful for my sister who wants to help me get better.  I am thankful for my husband who desires to help me clean house today when this beautiful day would beckon him outside.

“In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God concerning you, Mary.”


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