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What’s Your Support?

I got directed to Proverbs 3:5 this morning.  (You quoted it in your head just now, didn’t you?)   This verse is a favorite for us especially when something we thought was going to turn out one way did not. “Oh, well, ‘ lean not on my own understanding.'” 

I’ve written about Proverbs previously; but let’s review the paraphrase I made from Proverbs 1:1-4a: 

“Dearest Heavenly Father, I ask to be able to discern and skillfully use your discipline, correction, and chastening so as to order my way aright – governing every aspect of my life in Your Wisdom. 

I ask that as You bring to light Your Word for me, that I will be able to distinguish between the traditions of men, including the so-called wisdom of this world, from what You plainly say.  May I fit every doctrine into its proper place. 

I desire to seize every warning so as to maintain wise behavior, knowing Your mind and obeying Your ways.  May I be perceived right and just, being able to render Your judgment upon matters for myself and others – enabling straight paths on the narrow way.  Your rules and governors prevent delusion.  May I be skilled in wise strategies in the things that ‘war against my soul.’”  (a reference to 1 Peter 2:11)  – in praise and thankfulness for Your Son, and in His Name  –  so be it! 

Imbedded in the above prayer is a definition of “understanding.”  It is to be able to fit together God’s doctrines, rules, and judgments upon matters so that we may be enabled to tread the narrow way that leads to life in the age to come.  Proverbs 3:5 informs us that we may be tempted to support (“lean”) our doctrines, rules, and judgments on our OWN understanding.  However, we  find in the beginning of this verse a commandment that must precede understanding.  

Interruption (I usually say “Interlude”) – I am aware of God’s warnings of adding to His Word; but in the context of this verse, I think this in my mind: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, Mary, because there is always something you do not know about the matter.”   Remember – it is the LORD Who sees the heart while mankind sees the outward appearance. 

Years, and years, and years ago – I looked up every reference to “heart” in the proverbs only.  I wanted to know God’s thinking – His Word – about my heart.  This was before computer days, so it was a time-consuming delight and if I ever find what notebook it is in, I will type it out for you.  This morning, I went to the internet for a definition of “heart:” 

This is my favorite one: 

Organ that pumps blood, circulating it to all parts of the body (see circulation). The human heart is a four-chambered double pump with its right and left sides fully separated by a septum and subdivided on both sides into an atrium above and a ventricle below. The right atrium receives venous blood from the superior and inferior venae cavae (see vena cava) and propels it into the pulmonary circulation. The left atrium takes in blood from the pulmonary veins and sends it into the systemic circulation. Electrical signals from a natural pacemaker cause the heart muscle to contract. Valves in the heart keep blood flowing in one direction. Their snapping shut after each contraction causes the sounds heard as the heartbeat. See also cardiovascular system. 

So, to trust, confide in, to boldly have confidence in our LORD with all our heart could mean that we cannot trust with one, two, or three chambers of our heart – because there are four!  The heart has its right and left sides which have their own responsibilities that influence and depend on the other side – so we can understand that we cannot “serve two masters,” be of a divided soul, like “double minded.”  I like the fact that my heart is an electrical pump with valves responsible for blood flowing in only one direction.  Where in the world does the electricity come from?  A natural pacemaker?  From my creator, of course.  

 Well, you can keep reading the above definition and make many Biblical associations.  The one who created us, also created the heavens and the earth, by the way. 

The word “lean” means “to support.”    I must not support my own judgments of a person, place, or thing upon my personal reasonings. 

(YLT)  “Trust unto Jehovah with all thy heart, And unto thine own understanding lean not.”   (There are two verbs in this verse: “trust” and “lean not.”  We cannot obey just one.  Our heart is separated into two parts by a septum – but we cannot live with just one doing all the work.)

 P. S.  You want me to go ahead to the doctrine that we can have the mind of Christ, don’t you.  It’s true, we can.  However, we must not go there until we have the revelation of this verse (and the many others like it) under our belts.  You can refer back to the blog entitled,  “Wisdom spoken among the Mature.”











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