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Betwixt amd Between……

This morning I am betwixt and between as to where to go next that would best help your understanding (the ability to put together doctrine) the principles and doctrines in James.  One needs to have foundational precepts in God’s ways: His reason for a “new creation,”  what happened to the first creation, why and what for was man created, what was/is the roll of the “built” “help-meet.”   Why does the Bible only deal with seven days and two ages (measurable periods of time with beginning and end)?  You need to know the different ways certain words have been translated into English.  For instance: “aionios” and “aion” have many translated English words.   “Aion” is a noun and “aionios” is an adjective.

  “Aion” has been translated twelve different ways:   ages, course, eternal, ever, for ever, evermore, never, world, world began, beginning of the world, while the world standeth, and world without end.

 “Aionios” an adjective, has been translated five different ways: eternal, for ever, everlasting, world, and world began.

The translations of these words can be confirmed in the Greek dictionary of the Strong’s Concordance under the numbers 165 and 166.  The noun means “age” and the adjective means, “age-lasting.”

 The same thing – different translations of the same words – is true of the word, “life.”

However,  I want to go to the basic precept of “observing.”  You must know how to critique.  “Critique” has gotten a bad wrap in our English language.  We usually think of “criticizing” as being a negative, nick-picking process.  Instead, it is just a detailed evaluation.  Pay attention to what you are reading, study individual words (see Ps. 12:6), make lists for practical application, but, most of all, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and teach you.  The Bible, as taught by the tradition of men, will have contradictions.  As taught by the Holy Spirit, it will make sense!  You will know the “simplicity (the single-mindedness) that is in Christ Jesus.”


August 6, 2009 - Posted by | James, Pages from my journal

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