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What has “evil” got to do with “Hope?”…


In the old testament, God uses 15 different words for “evil,” “sin,” “trespass,” etc.

In Jonah, He uses only one word throughout for “evil,” “exceedingly,” and “grief.”

Below is the list of verses where #H7451 is found in Jonah:

 (Jon 1:2 KJV+TVM)  – AriseH6965 [H8798], goH3212 [H8798] to NinevehH5210, that greatH1419 cityH5892, and cryH7121 [H8798] against it; for their wickednessH7451 is come upH5927 [H8804] beforeH6440 me.

 (Jon 1:7 KJV+TVM) – And they saidH559 [H8799] every oneH376 to his fellowH7453, ComeH3212 [H8798], and let us castH5307 [H8686] lotsH1486, that we may knowH3045 [H8799] for whose causeH7945 this evilH7451 is upon us. So they castH5307 [H8686] lotsH1486, and the lotH1486 fellH5307 [H8799] upon JonahH3124.

 (Jon 1:8 KJV+TVM) – Then saidH559 [H8799] they unto him, TellH5046 [H8685] us, we pray thee, for whose cause this evilH7451 is upon us; What is thine occupationH4399? and whenceH370 comestH935 [H8799] thou? what is thy countryH776? and of what peopleH5971 art thou?

 (Jon 3:8 KJV+TVM) – But let manH120 and beastH929 be coveredH3680 [H8691] with sackclothH8242, and cryH7121 [H8799] mightilyH2394 unto GodH430: yea, let them turnH7725 [H8799] every oneH376 from his evilH7451 wayH1870, and from the violenceH2555 that is in their handsH3709.

 (Jon 3:10 KJV+TVM) – And GodH430 sawH7200 [H8799] their worksH4639, that they turnedH7725 [H8804] from their evilH7451 wayH1870; and GodH430 repentedH5162 [H8735] of the evilH7451, that he had saidH1696 [H8765] that he would doH6213 [H8800] unto them; and he didH6213 [H8804] it not.

 (Jon 4:1 KJV+TVM) – But it displeasedH3415 [H8799] JonahH3124 exceedinglyH1419 H7451, and he was very angryH2734 [H8799].

 (Jon 4:2 KJV+TVM) – And he prayedH6419 [H8691] unto the LORDH3068, and saidH559 [H8799], I prayH577 thee, O LORDH3068, was not this my sayingH1697, when I was yet in my countryH127? Therefore I fledH1272 [H8800] beforeH6923 [H8765] unto TarshishH8659: for I knewH3045 [H8804] that thou art a graciousH2587 GodH410, and mercifulH7349, slowH750 to angerH639, and of greatH7227 kindnessH2617, and repentestH5162 [H8737] thee of the evilH7451.

 (Jon 4:6 KJV+TVM) – And the LORDH3068 GodH430 preparedH4487 [H8762] a gourdH7021, and made it to come upH5927 [H8799] over JonahH3124, that it might be a shadowH6738 over his headH7218, to deliverH5337 [H8687] him from his griefH7451. So JonahH3124 was exceedingH1419 H8057 gladH8055 [H8799] of the gourdH7021.

 Bullinger’s definition of this word, “ra’a:”  –  wicked, injurious.  From its root, which indicates its nature as breaking up all that is good or desirable; injurious to all others.  In Greek, it is equivalent to “poneros,” – “evil,” or “kakos,” – “bad.”  Hence especially of moral depravity and corruption, and lewdness.  English – “good for nothing” (1 Samuel 17:28), “naughty” (2 Kings 2:19. Proverbs 20:14.  Jeremiah 24:2).

 I need to remind you at this point of Romans 15:4.

 Rom 15:4  for, as many things as were written before, for our instruction were written before, that through the endurance, and the exhortation of the Writings, we might have the hope.  (Young’s Literal Translation)

 I think this verse gives an explanation why I just keep on in Jonah.  The “exhortations” from Jonah MIGHT (may or may not) encourage me toward patient endurance, increasing my high regard for (esteeming) a particular (definite article) HOPE.

 And, so, let’s apply this exhortation about the word “evil” in Jonah to our lives and not spend our days as “good for nothing.”  I fear not having a “profit” on my account.  I want a 200% profit – or more! This has to do with the “hope.” 

 And, I want you to KNOW that “hope” is NOT a sure thing in ANY language!


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