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A 1982 journal entry on first chapter of James

During the 80s I was privileged to attend “Aunt” Ethel’s Bible studies in my hometown.  She held studies four days a week in different parts of town.  I was a “Tuesday girl.”  In the summer of ’82, I did a word study of James, chapter one and wrote the following to hand out in our Tuesday group.  I never did hand it out (that I can remember), but found it years later in the back of one of my files.  Here it is:

 August 26, 1982

Dear Girls,

As the summer has brought to us various trials and testings, I wanted to share with you the Lord’s blessings through my study of the first few verses of James.  As Rachael says, the Word of God is always our way of escape to bear the burdens that are uniquely ours – given to us to conform us to the image of His Son.

After study, meditation, and research into each word, I write what I call, “Mary’s paraphrase” – for want of a better term.  Actually it could be said to be what the study meant to me in comfort and joy of the Holy Spirit.

 From James:  To bondservants, who are also strangers and pilgrims here:

 (v.2)  Once and for all, keep all joy and delight – without any admixture of sorrow – before your minds as you happen upon and are surrounded by many different bad situations or critical circumstances;

(v.3)  fully understanding that by experiencing these trials, your convictions and total reliance upon God is being proved and is bringing to completion your endurance (ability to wait, under pressure, for God to work).

(v.4)  You must let this hopeful waiting upon God affect the process of the progress toward the goal for you to be whole and complete, while at the same time, destitute of your own resources – totally dependent upon Him.

(v.5)  Since you will want and need practical wiseness in these trying circumstances, ask the giving God who will simply and without reproach give you insight into the true nature of things.

(v.6)  You must ask because of your faith (firm conviction upon what God has said or promised) without delay, not even hesitating between faith and unbelief, inclining towards unbelief, because the one who doesn’t decide immediately to believe and acknowledge God resembles a surge on the sea being tossed by the wind into rising and falling peaks.

(v.7)  The individual who hesitates must not suppose he will receive or obtain any wisdom from the Lord –

(v.8)  a two-souled man (dubious, undecided), vacillating in every course of his conduct and his thinking.

(v.9)  But the humble and lowly (Christ-like) brother must boast in these trials and tests which are promoting him to a higher position!

(v.10)  And the wealthy brother must also boast in his trials and tests because, as a blossom of vegetation, his possessions and ability to acquire riches comes to pass.

(v.11)  For the sun rose with its consuming heat and wind and dried the vegetation and the blossom fell off and the beauty of its appearance was destroyed; thus the wealthy man shall be extinguished in his going to and fro to gain riches.

(v.12)  Supremely blest and well off is the man who patiently waits – under pressure and sufferings – for God to work in his bad situations and critical circumstances because he has been approved (as gold tried in a furnace) and shall receive the crown of life (an elaborate chaplet signifying royalty and honor) graciously promised and bestowed by the One in supreme authority – the One Who is in control of everything happening to you – this promise being to those who are presently loving Him and His dealings with them.

 {A thought on the “two-souled” or “unstable” man in verse 8:

            This person is unstable in ALL her ways, not just in the present situation he finds himself.  Every aspect is unstable because she refuses God’s perspective and cannot understand God’s dealings with herself.  Therefore, she cannot enjoy the presence of the Lord in every situation.}

 Mary’s definition of “joy” from this study:

            Joy is that inner peace of mind formed from the realization that God is at work in me through the circumstances around me.

 Mary’s definition of “endurance/patience” from this study:

            Endurance is the ability to wait, under pressure, for God to work in the trial while in me He is working His grace – the power to endure!

 P. S.  Each verse takes on a special depth of meaning and application when we remember James is a book on the salvation of the soul!  (v.21)

                                                -Written 27 years ago, and, oh, I could tell you so much more!  Stay tuned!


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